Seismic Retrofitting

Did you get an order to comply from LADBS to Retrofit your Building?

We design retrofits to be strong enough to prevent collapse and soft enough to not induce excessive damage to the upper floors. We hold paramount the safety, health, and welfare of the public.

Our Process

Our team will visit your property in order to create existing building plans of each floor, otherwise known as “as-built” drawings. Multiple site visits may be required by our Field Technicians.

The existing building will be analyzed by our Structural Engineer in order to determine a proper retrofit strategy.

If needed, a destructive observation plan will be required to gather necessary information about your building: such as exploratory trenches or wall openings.

Structural plans and calculations will be created for submittal to building officials.

Once approved you can use these plans to get quotes from several contractors. If you don’t have a contractor we can recommend one.